Back to work

So I’ve documented my journey with depression Depression and me and thought it would be useful to share how my return to work went. It’s good be able to share these things so people can see the truth behind the pics on the gram. It’s also good for anyone else in this position to be able […]

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Depression and me

I’m a great advocate of its ‘Ok to be Ok’. As long as you actually are OK. Not just pretending to be OK to the outside world. I’ve spent months ‘being OK’ but in actual fact I haven’t been. It’s OK to be OK and we should all embrace that. We also should step back […]

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Feeding a baby

When Henry was born I tried, as much as I possibly could, not to talk or post about how he was fed – it’s Henry’s business and no one else’s right?! I actually found it quite difficult not to mention his feeds, I mean it’s one of the only things a newborn baby does isn’t […]

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The abandoned child

This is quite possibly one of the hardest blogs I’ve ever written. Even more so than The Real Daddy Hew . My boy, Henry George, is three months old. It’s an amazing mile stone. He’s much more alert. He smiles. He recognises my voice. He smiles when he farts. Don’t get me wrong, he still isn’t […]

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Gracie finishes nursery

Gracie had her last day at nursery last week – where has the time gone? One minute she could barely fit in a ‘first size’ sleep suit and the next we were school uniform shopping. I am genuinely so glad we sent her to nursery. I have written before about whether Nursery was the right […]

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Back to work

After five weeks on paternity leave I returned to work last week. There’s no hiding the fact that I didn’t want to go back…….I’d still rather be at home now to be fair. It can be difficulty to work full time and be up during the night with a baby….millions of people do it but […]

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Paternity Leave

What an incredible five weeks I have had on Paternity leave. I cannot begin to put into words how incredibly lucky I have been to be able to take five weeks off work, fully paid, to spend with my family. I recognise that not all Companies are as generous as the Company I work for, […]

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Henry George Hew

Baby Hew No2, or Henry George Hew was born at 12:10 on 22 June 2018 weighing 7lbs 5oz. 10 tiny fingers and 10 extraordinarily long toes. He’s perfect. He’s the mirror of Gracie when she was born. He entered the world via an elected c-section as he was footling breech (feet first rather than bum). […]

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Flexible Dad

As I think I’ve highlighted before, I’m quite passionate about the upbringing of Gracie and Baby Hew No2. Mummy Hew and I are a team and we work bloody well together, I’m no Hands on Dad. When Gracie was born I was very fortunate to be able to take nearly six weeks off work, fully […]

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Potty training

We were so lucky with Gracie when it came to potty training…but we’ve come to a bit of a dead end. She still wears her nappy at night time. And it’s piss soaked every morning. Most of the time it’s because she is too lazy when she is falling asleep/waking up and just relys on […]

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