Body Positivity vs body acceptance

I hear this ALL the time. Body positivity. People talking about being body positive. Be positive about the body you have. Feel comfortable in your own skin….yada yada. I’m all for it. I really am. I think it has potential to be a really good movement. I think we should ALL be body positive, after […]

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Side Effects of anti-depressants

Its been while since I update the ole blog – life has been busy. I’ve returned work after a period of absence and Shared Parental Leave. I spent time making sure I was in a better place mentally to be able to look after Henry and support my family. We’ve been on holiday, we’ve enjoyed […]

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Gracie Cooks – Hot Cross Buns

GRACIE COOKS HOT CROSS BUNS. With East just round the corner Gracie wanted to cook something with an Easter theme this week. What’s more perfect that a warm Hot Cross Bun smothered in butter? You will need: For the Buns: 300ml full-fat milk 50g butter 500g Strong Plain Flour 1 tsp salt 75g Caster Sugar […]

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I’m entering the third week of my period of Shared Parental Leave. I’ve written about it before and I’m pretty sure I will write about it again. I cannot stress how valuable this time off is. Not just for me as a Father but for Mummy Hew as a mother; as well as Gracie and […]

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She f****d off on a cruise

I may have mentioned it a few times…but I’m now on Shared Parental Leave! And what a way to start, Mummy Hew fucked off on a 4 day cruise! I mean, I was pleased for her, but nothing like being thrown in at the deep end ey!  I went through a range of emotions, firstly, […]

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Back to work

So I’ve documented my journey with depression Depression and me and thought it would be useful to share how my return to work went. It’s good be able to share these things so people can see the truth behind the pics on the gram. It’s also good for anyone else in this position to be able […]

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Gracie Cooks Spaghetti Bolognese

Gracie Cooks Spagetti Bolognese. This is one of our family favourites. A really easy go to recipe. Perfect for cooking in bulk and freezing, making mid-week dinners so much easier! You will need: Two Large Onions, diced Once large carrot, diced 200 grams of Mushrooms, diced 1kg lean mince beef (we prefer to use less […]

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Gracie Cooks

Meal times in our house have always been really important. Since a year old Gracie has been at nursery and in September 2018 started school. We missed so many meal times!  She had her breakfast, lunch and dinner at nursery. This left us with only weekends to spend quality family time at the dinner table. […]

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Depression and me

I’m a great advocate of its ‘Ok to be Ok’. As long as you actually are OK. Not just pretending to be OK to the outside world. I’ve spent months ‘being OK’ but in actual fact I haven’t been. It’s OK to be OK and we should all embrace that. We also should step back […]

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