Potty training


We were so lucky with Gracie when it came to potty training…but we’ve come to a bit of a dead end. She still wears her nappy at night time. And it’s piss soaked every morning. Most of the time it’s because she is too lazy when she is falling asleep/waking up and just relys on the nappy. I’m not overly concerned but conscious that she will be going to School in September….she was born 30 August so will be the baby of her year.

Potty training in our house went really well. We had two potties, one upstairs and one downstairs. They stayed next to the toilet at all times! I have a huge dislike for potties used outside of the bathroom…..and nappies that aren’t changed on the changing table or in the bath room. I don’t shit in your living room so why would you change your baby in mine? We had a visitor once who use our dining room table to change their baby’s bum. Why, just why?

Anyway, we had two potties. We got Gracie into the habit of sitting on the potty and just getting used to how it felt so she wasn’t fearful of it. We found it was really useful to introduce it to her before we started potty training! Each time Gracie had a bath  (we don’t bath her every night a) we are too lazy b) we have a sensitive skin issues in our house) we would take her nappy off and let her sit on the potty. After a while it just became habit for her and she would use the potty to wee each time she had a bath.

I have always insisted that we would take Gracie’s lead when it came to potty training. I didn’t want her to have a fear of the toilet, which I have read is quite common. We decided that if by June 2017 Gracie wasn’t potty trained we would take a more hands on approach, we had a two week holiday at the end of June 2017 and thought it would be better for the accidents to happen on the tiled floor of the villa than on the carpet at home. She picked her own big girl knickers and enjoyed sorting them in her bedside drawers. We wanted to make it exciting for her and she loved being involved! Even now she loves packing her spare knickers in her nursery bag.

At the beginning of May 2017 Gracie caught the chicken pox…Mummy Hew and I split the week and had half the week off work each (remember I’m no Hands on Dad). Gracie had a fair covering of Chicken pox but luckily only had a few on her face. On the Monday morning Gracie stood at the top of the stairs and took her nappy off. She threw it down the stairs and stated that she was a big girl who didn’t wear nappies. And that was that, goodbye nappies. We had a handful of accidents in the first week but she has been good as gold ever since! Timing was perfect as we were off for the week with her chicken pox…couldn’t of planned that any better.


I hated the idea of using the potty…….I didn’t like Gracie using it much either! I also hated cleaning it. Once the nappy went so did the potty. We moved quite quickly to a kids seat for the toilet. We have a Frozen one upstairs and and Toy story one down stairs. Gracie was a little bit scared of falling down the toilet when she first sat on it but got used to it within a couple of days. I hated the idea of Gracie pooping in a bowl and didn’t want to have to worry about going to other peoples houses and not having a potty. We bought a travel toilet seat which folded up and went in the changing bag – which was quickly becoming redundant.

Gracie’s fear of falling into the toilet became a reality…..but only once. We went for some lunch in a hotel in Cornwall. It was a pretty nice hotel, olives served on fine china, a billiard table in one of the reception rooms, a wall of Hunter wellies (it looked like a library wall), Mr and Mrs Upper class were sipping their Vintage dom Perignon whilst nibbling their caviar and then there’s me…taking a 2 and a half year old to the toilet. We make our way across the hotel reception….hit a few keys on the grand piano (I’m no Mozart BTW) and Gracie did what she had to do. I took my eye off her for 2 seconds to admire the luxury hand wash and then SPLASH….she falls in the bloody toilet. Legs and arms on the air, her bottom half way round the bloody U bend. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…I cried with laughed and fortunately she copied! We made our way back to the table and across the room Gracie shouts at the top of her voice ‘Daddy pushed me down the toilet and I’ve got a wet bottom’ which is actually a lie because she fell! Mr and Mrs Upper class appeared to be put of their caviar and moved tables…..their loss if you ask me because Gracie then insisted on singing Incy Wincy Spider at the top of her voice.

So other than falling down the toilet, we found potty training a positive experience. We’ve entered into a stage where Gracie won’t do a number 2 at nursery. She says that her helper doesn’t like wiping her bottom and that her poos smell….I’m not sure if someone has said something to her or if she’s just stared to become embarrassed. I hate to think of the poor little sod holding her poos in until she gets home. How can we encourage her to do her business at nursery? We need to start encouraging Gracie to wipe her bottom herself. She needs to do this before she goes to school as I don’t think the teachers will appreciate being called into the bathroom to see Gracie’s bottom in the air waiting to be wiped. I have no idea how we teach her to wipe her bottom….watch this space.

Gracie also needs to learn to stop weeping in her nappy at night. How can we encourage this? I’m pretty certain she doesn’t wee when she is asleep and it is only when she awake. Do I just bite the bullet and take the nappy away? Do I really want to change sheets everyday? Do I just accept that she won’t wear nappy’s forever…and if she does her future partner should love her for who she is?


Bottom line, pun intended, is that she won’t wear nappies forever. I really don’t want her to go to school and still be wearing nappies. Kids can be horrible and I’d hate for her to be picked on because she’s too lazy to use he toilet.

Anyone had similar experience? I’d welcome your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Potty training

  1. Haven’t really given much thought to potty training as Isabelle is only 10 months old. But I know it’s on the horizon at some point. I like the idea of just keeping the potties in the bathrooms and not letting them just go anywhere.

    Got a lot of fun ahead of me yet!

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  2. It u take her nappy away will she know she hasn’t got one on, just like in the day time. Won’t that force her to get up and go to the toilet knowing she will get wet? or you could take it away and she will learn that her bed covers will get wet.


  3. My girls are 11 and 13 now so this seems like a long time ago. We used to get them to do a dream wee. When you go to bed just get them out without really waking and get them to have a wee, then back to bed. They hardly remember and it saves the bed. It might work! #ThatFridayLinky

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  4. We use to have potty’s in different areas mind you I do want to go back to those days haha! Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week


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