Henry George Hew

Baby Hew No2, or Henry George Hew was born at 12:10 on 22 June 2018 weighing 7lbs 5oz. 10 tiny fingers and 10 extraordinarily long toes. He’s perfect. He’s the mirror of Gracie when she was born.

He entered the world via an elected c-section as he was footling breech (feet first rather than bum). I thought I’d share with you a bit about his birth.

Our alarm went off at 0545. I called the maternity ward at 0600 to check everything was still on track, had there have been an emergancy at the hospital over night we may have needed to go in later. Everything was fine and we were told to arrive at the hospital at 0700. We got ourselves ready and drove to the hospital, not forgetting to take our last photo as parents of one!

When we arrived at the hospital we were shown to Mummy Hews bed, she was asked to get changed into a gown and stockings, her blood pressure was taken and we were told the midwife would be round at 0800. Once the midwife had done the necessary paperwork we had to wait for our time slot……it’s a bit like getting a ticket at the deli, except you got bumped up the queue if you have gestational diabetes. Our midwife told us we would be the third c-section of the day, it was expected we would go to theatre about midday.

The surgeon came to see us and talk through the operation. He was particularly witty, he asked if we wanted to know if the baby was testicular positive or negative and offered us a return if the Baby was ginger. I asked if I could film the birth…..he told me that I could as long as it was live on YouTube, he offered to wear my GoPro on his head, although it never materialised….as funny as he was I’m not keen on someone not keeping their promises, I’ll report him later!

We had about three hours to kill. Mummy Hew was nil by mouth. It was only fair I had her share of the snacks. I had stocked up on Crunchies and well and truly had the Friday feeling. We played cards, chatted, cried a bit (although that was probably more that I was getting on Mummy Hews nerves). We were collected to go to theatre at 1115, earlier than we though which was quite positive.

When we arrived in the theatre it felt much smaller that when we were there with Gracie. The midwife told me it was the bigger of the two theatres and the one we were in before was next door. It was a strange feeling because I specifically recall it being so big. Once I had started to place the various bits of equipment in the room it started to feel a bit more familiar, albeit smaller.

There were a team of about 15 people working in the theatre. Preparing equipment, unpacking tools and preparing Mummy Hew for theatre. The anaesthetist administered the spinal block and Mummy Hew was good to go.

Knife to skin, 1206…..baby born 1210! 4 minutes, the surgery took 4 whole minutes. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it seamed pretty quick…it took some 45 minutes to finish after the birth but only 4 minutes to be born, mind-blow, I can’t even poo in 4 minutes!

The surgeon announced the arrival of the baby ‘Hello Mummy, do you want to see me’ he lifted him up above the screen and announced that he had ‘dangly bits’ he was taken to the resuscitator to have his lungs cleared. Mummy Hew hadn’t heard the surgeon ‘what did we get’ I just laughed ‘ didn’t you hear him, there’s dangly bits’ still unsure Mummy Hew asked ‘ so what is it’……a baby boy for the Hew family 🙂

I helped put his nappy and hat on and the midwife took him over the see Mummy. As I walked across the theatre I took the opportunity to see what was going on. I could see Mummy Hew’s insides…it was bizarre, not like what you see on tele. I’m glad I took a peak, but don’t think I’d rush back! Mummy Hew had a cuddle whilst she was being stitched up and we were moved to the recovery ward.

Mummy Hew fed Henry and had cuddled him. I let our nearest and dearest know the baby had arrived and both the baby and Mummy were doing well, I wanted Gracie to be the first to know she had a brother called Henry so didn’t tell anyone any other details. We spent about 4 hours in the recovery ward, just the three of us, spending quality time together. I had a cuddle, skin to skin, he slept on my chest, so peaceful….just perfect.

We were moved back to the bed we arrived at and Gracie came to visit. As soon as she saw Henry her face lit up. The smile she had was just amazing, she was instantly so proud to be a big sister. She had a cuddle and asked whether he was a boy or girl. I told she had a brother called Henry and once again her face lit up… I was made up, Gracie had previously said she only wanted a sister so I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be. It was beautiful.

The first night was spent feeding Henry. Mummy Hew was doing amazingly. I could have stayed at the hospital but decided not to. I went home at 1130. My view was that I could get my head down and be refreshed for the next day rather than have a few crappy hours sleep on a chair in the hospital. I was back at the hospital at 0730, with cheese twists and croissants don’t you know! When I walked into the bay Mummy Hew was so please to see me. She hadn’t slept much, she was on a ward with 3 others. One of the new Mums was pretty poorly and in quite a bit of pain, she was being sick and when Mummy Hew wasn’t feeding she kept her awake. I’m not sure she should have been on the ward and later in the day the surgeon came back to see her, taking about taking her back into surgery. Mummy Hew spoke to the midwife and said she would feel much better if she was able to continue her recovery at home and that whilst she acknowledged the other Mum was poorly she wasn’t able to get any sleep.

Throughout the day Mummy Hew got up and about, which the midwife was impressed with. She had passed urine and her blood count was good so the midwife was happy she could be discharged that day rather than staying another night. We couldn’t get out of there quick enough and get home to start out journey as a family of four!

Henry is a week old. He’s settled into Hew life pretty well. He’s still working on his sleep routine, he is pretty content just needs a bit of tweeking to let him know when day and night is. He is feeding really well, at his 5 day midwife check he had dropped to 6lbs 13, which is within the recommended guidelines – we had to take Gracie to hospital because she lost too much weight in the first week.

I’ve got 5 weeks off and can’t believe the first week has gone already. We have had a fair amount of visitors welcoming Henry to the family and this weekend we’re in Harrogate to meet Mummy Hew’s family. We took him to town and bought his first boy outfits…we had loads in neutral so was nice to buy clothes specifically for him.

Henry has started to open his eyes a bit more regularly and loves cuddles with his Daddy and Big Sister. Mummy Hew is feeding him so gets the best cuddles.

I still cannot believe we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and a beautiful son. The Hew family is complete….except maybe a dog.

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