The Real Daddy Hew

You may have seen my earlier blog post Getting to know the real Mummy Hew, if you haven’t go and have a read. It’s a good view of things from her perspective. I thought this would be a good time to get to know the real Daddy Hew….this post is perhaps not what you think […]

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Getting to know the real Mummy Hew

Today we attended another midwife appointment, marking week 28 of this pregnancy. I’ve documented our pregnancy journey and highlighted some of the frustrations we’ve had along the way. Think its fair to say we are now in a good place and have started to plan our birth options class. I thought, rather than me rambling […]

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Whale….what Whale.

Just like in the well known nursery rhyme, when Gracie is good she is very very good – but when Gracie is bad she is an arsehole horrid. I definitely meant horrid *** I’m sure we have all been guilty of it, you know exactly what I mean. When your child has pushed you to […]

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CBeebies land

Mummy Hew and I talked at length about whether we wanted to expand the Hew Family. We looked at the pros and cons of having an only child and whether that was something we wanted. We decided that we wanted to extend the Hew Family but that there were a few things that we wanted […]

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Christmas 2017

  I took some time considering whether to write this blog or whether not to bother. I mean Christmas and new year celebrations are pretty similar in everyone’s house right? We all eat and drink 300 times more than normal, gain stupid amounts of weight and get socks. I actually really enjoy getting socks for […]

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  We are always so busy. We never have a weekend to ourselves. My parents moved to Norfolk 5 years ago and Mummy Hew’s family all live in Harrogate. We love having people to stay and our door is always open. We also love traveling the length of the country to spend weekends with our […]

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That family

  Today we were that family 🤪. You know the one, the one who’s child is running round the restaurant and the parents don’t have a care in the world. Noting my earlier blog, Snowday, where the snow pissed all over our Sunday plans to go to our friends small child’s christening, we drove up […]

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We spend all winter waiting for it to snow yet when it does we do nothing but moan. Gracie loves the snow….even if she moans it’s too cold after being in it for 5 minutes. Snow literally pissed all over our plans this weekend. We were due to be driving to Ruddington via Loughborough for […]

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