Versatile Bloggers Award

I opened the Daddy Hew Instagram account on 16 November 2017, I started the Daddy Hew blog at the end of November 2017 and I opened the Daddy Hew twitter account a few weeks ago. I’m still new to the blogging world, but so far so good, the playground has been kind to me, I […]

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CBeebies land

Mummy Hew and I talked at length about whether we wanted to expand the Hew Family. We looked at the pros and cons of having an only child and whether that was something we wanted. We decided that we wanted to extend the Hew Family but that there were a few things that we wanted […]

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To Icelolly or not to Icelolly

  Gracie has been in Nursery full time since she was 13 months old, with the exception of Friday afternoon when Mummy Hew picks her up at lunch time. We thought long and hard about what to do prior to sending Gracie to Nursery. We both work full time, we have both worked for the […]

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Like most kids, Gracie received loads of presents for Christmas. She was a very lucky girl indeed. She has a few choice favourites, her bike, her wooden train track and her bush babies particularly stood out for her. For me it was her Amazon Fire Kids Edition. We cannot get enough of it. In the […]

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Christmas 2017

  I took some time considering whether to write this blog or whether not to bother. I mean Christmas and new year celebrations are pretty similar in everyone’s house right? We all eat and drink 300 times more than normal, gain stupid amounts of weight and get socks. I actually really enjoy getting socks for […]

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First trimester

Baby Hew No2 is growing nicely. We’re now entering into the second trimester. We’ve had two scans and our due date is 27 June 2018. It all felt so surreal until we shared the news that Gracie is going to have a brother or sister with our friends. I can’t stop smiling when telling people. […]

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  We are always so busy. We never have a weekend to ourselves. My parents moved to Norfolk 5 years ago and Mummy Hew’s family all live in Harrogate. We love having people to stay and our door is always open. We also love traveling the length of the country to spend weekends with our […]

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