Gracie Cooks


Meal times in our house have always been really important. Since a year old Gracie has been at nursery and in September 2018 started school. We missed so many meal times!  She had her breakfast, lunch and dinner at nursery. This left us with only weekends to spend quality family time at the dinner table. It is really important to us to be able to have time, away from technology to just sit and talk. We have always had Sunday dinner together and often play boardgames at the table after dinner. We really value this time and feel it brings us closer together as a family. Since Henry joined us we have been able to spend more time at home, eating at the table as a family. When Henry is a year old Mummy Hew and I will be back at work and we will miss out on his breakfast, lunch and dinner routine throughout the week.

I have always had a passion for cooking. I studied Catering at GCSE level, its the only A grade I got! I’m not sure where my love of cooking food came from….I’ve always loved eating haha. I love cooking for others, preparing dinner, baking. I’m always happy to try a new recipe or new method of cooking. I love entertaining friends over dinner. I guess I’ve always felt quite at home in the kitchen. I don’t claim to be a good chef…but I can put together a bloody decent roast dinner or knock up an epic sponge!


I wanted to share my passion of cooking with Gracie. She has always payed an interest into what is happening in the kitchen and always been willing to help prepare dinner or help mixed up the batter for a cake. This is where the idea of Gracie Cooks came from. I had a flexible working application agreed at work, meaning I was able to pick Gracie up on a Wednesday lunch time. We decided that we would spend this time in the kitchen together. Since starting Gracie Cooks her basic skills have increased tenfold. She is confident in making a basic sponge and can put together a pastry better than me!

We started sharing Gracie Cooks on ours instagram stories and the reaction we have had is incredible. Gracie loves reading our followers comments and messages. Each week she comes home from school and asked ‘what can we do on our channel today Daddy’. I want to use this space as a positive to encourage parents to cook with their family. We make reasonably simple recipes….if Gracie can follow them so can you! We have made a few mistakes along the way, our Yule Log didn’t exactly look how we expected but thats all part of the fun, right?

Over the last few weeks we have had an increasing amount of people asking for us to share out recipes on the blog…I was always a bit reluctant to do this. I’m no chef, simply spending some time with my daughter in the kitchen. I have taken the feedback onboard and will upload a step by step of our favourite recipes and see how we get on.

And who knows, Gracie may get her slot on This Morning alongside Holly and Phil before you know it!


3 thoughts on “Gracie Cooks

  1. I absolutely love this feature and really enjoy watching it. I think your both amazing and admire the relationship you have with her. Your a wonderful Dad and she’s a brilliant little girl. Watch this space she’s going to be a star in the making with her cooking skills x


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