We were that family again

f847acc5-d382-4d94-af38-df2507fcf4e1We were that family again… In my blog That family, which I posted last year about eating out with kids, we threw caution to the wind and let Gracie just be a kid at the table – and we enjoyed it.

We met up with our friends recently and booked a table at the local village pub, it’s lush! One side is more restaurant tables and one more pub like with an open fire.

We arrived at our friends early afternoon and the kids played, parents chatted. We don’t get to see them very often so was really nice just to catch up.

We walked to the local village pub and settled at our table. Normally we would insist that Gracie sits, engages in conversation and orders her dinner. We have a Amazon Fire Kids Edition which we let her watch once she’s eaten. For us, as a family, table manners and table etiquette is really important. With Gracie spending three years at nursery we missed so many meal times with her so try to spend as much time at the table as we can.

This weekend we turned into That Family again….and bloody loved it. Gracie was with her two pals and wanted to enjoy her self. Her two pals were enjoying a night out and wanted to have fun. The four parents wanted a stress free meal. And that exactly what we did.

We ordered pizza, chips, garlic bread. The kids drank milk…the adults didn’t! It started pretty civilised to be fair, but that didn’t last long.

The kids, all four of them, became restless quite quickly and wanted to play. So we let them. They wanted to watch their kindles loudly. So we let them. Milk was knocked on the floor. Pizza was dropped. A knife and fork was barely used to eat. But we had fun. And that the important thing right?!

Gracie started to feel poorly and took herself to the toilet to be sick. She wasn’t actually sick but wanted the attention. She laid across the bench seat and used my leg as a pillow…feet on chair and all! Henry sat on my other knee and ate left over pizza crusts. He bloody loved it.


As parents we are really passionate about dining out and setting the right example for the kids at the table. But every now and then it’s nice just to let them be kids isn’t it!

The bill was paid and we walked home. Gracie said she really enjoyed herself….parent win!

I feel that sometimes Mummy Hew and I are quite strict with Gracie. We’re always telling her to do or not to do something. We enjoyed sitting back, relaxing and letting her be herself. All in all all the kids were pretty well behaved. So what if they were a bit loud. So what if we made more mess than usual. So what if we walked home in the dark and Gracie begged to be carried.

I guess my point is that we are so regimented so much of the time it doesn’t hurt just to sit back and let the kids be. No one got hurt. Grumpy Susan on the table next to us probably didn’t enjoy her night but we did. And that’s what’s important. Making memories with friends and family. There’s plenty of time for the kids to use their manners and be sensible. Sometimes you just need to let them be….that’s how the best memories are made!

So if your eating out this weekend and are worried about what the table next to you are thinking…don’t! Sit back and enjoy yourself!

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