Getting to know the real Mummy Hew

Today we attended another midwife appointment, marking week 28 of this pregnancy. I’ve documented our pregnancy journey and highlighted some of the frustrations we’ve had along the way. Think its fair to say we are now in a good place and have started to plan our birth options class.

I thought, rather than me rambling on, I would give Mummy Hew the opportunity to have her say. So here is it, my interview with Mummy Hew – Getting to know the real Mummy Hew.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey! I’m Mummy Hew

A balanced approach to life kind of person, who wants to do everything and be friends with everyone, but then realises she is not superhuman so reigns it in to what she can realistically manage without the aide of Bernards Watch (anyone remember that show?! – amazing wasn’t it!)

I’ve always been driven to reach my goals and challenge myself to step out my comfort zone.  I’m happiest when I’m achieving (however that is measured at the time).  I like to be in control of my own life and I think I do that pretty well but not in the way you might think.  When I talk about “control” I don’t mean I like to know and plan for everything in life, like by the time I’m XX age I want to be XXX (i’ve met people like that and honestly, it looks miserable from the outside) but I like to be in control at the moment, wherever I end up at that moment in life.  I do this by always trying to find the choices I have in every situation.  Maybe its a choice about how to react or feel about something or a choice of how to act on something.  I try apply this approach to work and play and it serves me pretty well.

On the flip side to control, I love surprises and Daddy Hew is fab at these…well he’s fab at planning them, not so great at keeping them!! He gets too excited – which I love!!

One of my biggest achievements in my life so far is my little family, its my favourite part about me and I am forever grateful that I met Daddy Hew we got to make memories together.

I’m super proud of being able to continue having a career as a mummy.  Hopefully in a few more years/decades maybe, mum’s won’t say that as it will just be a given, but I do think it’s something to be so proud of.  It’s important to me as my career is part of my identity, granted it doesn’t count for as much as my family, however it’s still high up there!

In more superficial news, I love (slightly obsessed with) capturing everything on camera – I hate to think I might forget something one day and won’t be able to look back!  I love gin (missing it at the moment!), 90s music, yorkshire tea & bunny rabbits!


Q. How do you balance a full time job, a 3 year old and pregnancy?

Quite simply…because I have Daddy Hew to help me! I couldn’t do it without him, we are most definitely a team!  I am really lucky that my employer is super modern and flexible also, allowing me to be fluid (to a point) with my hours.  We have a good routine going on too – I think that’s always been our secret to be fair!

Q. Your a Harrogate girl living in Hertfordshire, do you miss being a Northerner? 

I do!  I really do.  Nothing against the south, in fact I always said I wanted to have a stint down here, and there are some parts that I love (like being so close to London & the warmer weather!) but I do miss the north.  At the risk of getting abuse here, I do genuinely think the people are friendlier and the pace of life feels, well, just nicer.  There’s something quite special about being from Yorkshire (I think – clearly I am biased) and I have great pride in that!

Q. You’re 28 weeks in, how are you feeling?

I’m excited to meet Baby Hew No2 and in fact starting to get a little bit impatient. We had our 28 week appointment today with the midwife (just a routine one) and I came out feeling really positive about birthing our baby.  This is the first time since the first booking appointment I have felt this way.  It’s been a long journey emotionally to get here, so today marks a fantastic turning point, where I finally feel I am being listened to and can finally look forward to the journey ahead.


Q. Tell us a little bit about some of the frustrations you experienced this time round.

Im sure Daddy Hew has already alluded to much of this.  It’s frustrating being put in a box and not being treated as an individual with a human approach.  I had a very direct, rude consultant, who spent all of 2 minutes with me to decide my birthing future with this pregnancy.  From that appointment until today, I was being told how it would go, rather than being treated as an individual (with real life feelings and everything) and rather than being given the information to allow me to make an informed choice about what is best for our baby and my body.  There aren’t many times in my life this far that I’ve felt I don’t have the right to make choices for myself, but this has been one of them.  I’m so glad I seem to have hit that turning point in the road and can now look towards feeling empowered and in control of my body again (whilst taking on board important medical advice of course!)

Q. How is this pregnancy different to Gracie’s?

In many ways.  Where do I start.  There are no long lie ins at weekends to satisfy my body’s additional sleep cravings for a start!  Having a toddler around the place will see to that!  This pregnancy also doesn’t feel as precious.  Now I need to expand on that point quickly before you all judge me (I would so judge me!) Obviously every pregnancy is a blessing and is extremely precious in one sense of the word.  What I mean is, I feel like on reflection, our first pregnancy was so precious because we were newbies to the pregnancy show and wanted to absorb everything about it, every day we would read our chosen pregnancy app and spend so much time in awe at all the little developments going on inside my tummy.  We would be amazed at EVERYTHING and say things like “omg its got little eye lashes now!” it was lovely and exactly how it should be.  This time round, don’t get me wrong, we still take a glance each week to see what size the baby is equivalent to etc, but we aren’t as “into” the detail.  I think that’s partly because we have got so much more going on in our lives now (versus back then) and partly because you know what, we’ve done it all before and lets be honest, anything you do for the second time, you don’t pay as much conscious attention to the detail.  I feel like since discovering hypnobirthing, (which I am so glad I found btw) I spend my spare time googling things to help me with that.  I think the focus is just different.  It doesn’t make this pregnancy any less special, it’s just special in a different way.  Symptom wise, pretty similar I would say.  Sciatica – check! Heartburn – check! random ligament pains – check! Smug feeling knowing I get to have another little bubba and take a long time out of work – check!

Q. How do you think Gracie will react to a Brother or Sister? 

I think she will go on a whole rollercoaster of emotions bless her.  Ultimately she will come out loving life as a big sister, but I do think the adjustment period will be interesting.  She’s been our number 1 all her life after all and now she has to share us! It’s a big deal for her for sure.  She is super excited to have a baby in the house though and I cannot wait to see them together and Gracie mothering the crap out of the poor baby!

Q. What are you most looking forward to about Baby Hew No2?

All those squishy baby cuddles of course!! I cannot wait to hold my baby and watch him or her grow, but this time along side Gracie.  It’s going to be pretty magical!

Q. How will Shared Parental Leave work in your house?

I am taking the first 9 months of maternity leave and Daddy Hew is taking the final 3 months.  Its great that we get to share it this time round and I can’t wait to watch Daddy Hew’s SAHD journey!


Quick fire round 

Q. Shoes or bags 


Q. Sweet  Savoury 


Q. Coronation Street or Emmerdale 


Q. Gin or Champagne 


Q. Shopping or Cinema 


Q. Countryside or Seaside 

Seaside (mainly for the chips!)

Q. Cornwall or Nerja 


Q. London or New York 


Q. Flowers or Chocolates


Q. Night out or night in 

Night in (what?!  I’m old!)

Q. Daddy Hew or Chips

Daddy Hew (coming home with chips!)

Thank you Mummy Hew for sharing a different perspective on Baby Hew No2’s pregnancy……now get off my blog ORG_DSC01486 2.JPG

5 thoughts on “Getting to know the real Mummy Hew

  1. Always fun mixing it up on the blog! And yeah I remember Bernard’s Watch. Used to be very jealous of him. Just glad they ended it before he hit his teens. That show would’ve gotten really pervy really fast 😂


  2. A lovely Interview always love learning about the people behind blogs Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week


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