Woahhhh, we’re half way there


In the words of Bon Jovi ‘Woahhhh we’re half way there, Woahhhhh not even scared’. Well they weren’t his exact words but you get the point right?

So half way there, ish. I’m slightly late updating on the half way there front. Mummy Hew is 21 weeks, I did intend to update at week 20 but for one reason or another I haven’t had the chance. I was always taught it’s the thought that counts and thats what I’ll stick with.

The half way mark – strange feeling. Since the 10 and 12 week scan time seems to have flown by. Half way there…what have we been up to since the end of the first trimester. In all honesty, not a great deal. We have spent some valuable time as a family of three. Spending weekends at home doing stuff around the house rather than sitting in the car for hours on end seeing various friends and family. We have booked some time in to travel up to Harrogate and to Norfolk before Baby Hew No2 arrives to see said family. We have enjoyed a weekend at Center Parcs – The one where Kirstie turns 30 and Gracie had a great weekend with her Grandma.

When Mummy Hew was pregnant with Dolly we decided that we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby. We had said that if we have a second we would find out the sex. Well we decided not to. We are quite happy to wait to see what Baby Hew No2 is going to be. I still feel like it is going to be a girl.

Mummy Hew is doing really well, she went through an outbreak of spots a few weeks ago, they have gone now. Although she didn’t have any morning sickness the feeling of nausea has now passed. That tiny little baby is now about the size of a grapefruit and also about the same weight as the bunch of Roses Mummy Hew got for Valentines day – that was bloody convenient wasn’t it! It’s little kicks are getting stronger day by day. I have stated to feel a few of its tiny movements. The first one I felt was when I pressed my face up against the bump, little sod kicked me in the face.


As we didn’t know what sex Gracie was going to be our nursery was neutral, cream and wood. We felt that it was a little outdated and wanted Baby Hew No2 to have its own nursery, rather than a duplicate of what Gracie had. I spend a weekend dismantling, painting and rebuilding the nursery furniture. We have gone for Grey and wood for the furniture…..I mean its not like that’s what everyone else is doing! I need to get rid of the spare bed and then I can finish the changing table and drawers. For now the cot and wardrobe are finished and I’m quite happy with the end result, even if the grey paint has a blue tone to it. We also picked up a rocking crib for 30 quid. A friend of a friend was selling it. We were just going to use the same crib we used for Gracie (we had a crib upstairs and a Moses basket downstairs) but ours didn’t rock, this one is a gliding one from Mamas and Papas so thought we would give it a go. Every one seems to have an opinion on whether to reuse the Moses basket and crib, in my view, all of the mattresses have protective covers on that are machine washable. So we will appropriately wash them and reuse them……We have read a number of articles about SIDS and wether reusing mattress etc should be done, on balance I am comfortable they will be suitable to reuse.


Getting to 20 weeks was a big milestone for us. In my earlier post, When does a pregnant woman get treated as a pregnant woman, I share some concerns that Mummy Hew and I have about when a pregnant woman gets to go to Maternity triage vs going to A&E. I know all hospitals will be different and have different processes but the one most local to us doesn’t allow you to visit Maternity triage until after 20 weeks, well we can now so fuck you A&E!

We had our 20 weeks scan 4 years to the day after Gracie’s 12 week scan. It amazes me the detail that can be seen. We counted both legs, arms, heart chambers, liver, kidneys etc. It was different to our earlier two scans. The sonographer seemed to be taking a lot more time over each of the stages of the scan. I don’t remember this at Gracie’s 20 week scan. She seemed to check and double check each stage……obviously this is a good thing and I’m certainly not complaining, I just don’t remember it being so detailed last time. The sonographer told us that everything looked to be in order and there was nothing we needed to be concerned about.


As this is Mummy Hew’s second pregnancy there are not as many appointments with the midwife. We are ment to be having a consultant led pregnancy but the consultant we saw was a bit of a prick and we have been referred to another one. I recognise that if there was an emergency we might end up with that consultant but she pissed us both off and are glad we will be seeing another one. I have reflected on our experience with the consultant and thought about whether we were being a bit dramatic, but we definitely weren’t, this is our baby, our pregnancy and only the best will do – thanks all the same 🙂

Mummy Hew and I talked at length, following Gracie’s birth, about what a second delivery would look like. We have always had in our minds that Mummy Hew will have a C-section. There are a number of reasons for this but ultimately we are both anxious that either the scar will rupture or there will be other complications that will end in an emergency C-sec. We are going to attend a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-sec) class and see what that offers us. We have had a slight change of heart though. The idea of a vaginal birth is starting to feel a bit more normal to us….we are keeping all options open rather than getting hung up on definitely wanting a C-sec. We have also considered Hypnobirthing. I don’t know if this is something for us or not. It all sounds a bit hippie…I’ve left Mummy Hew to do the research and revert.

The next agenda item for us is getting the changing bag – the one we used for Gracie is knackered so we are looking at whats on the market. We had two delivered this morning, one is a rucksack style and one is a satchel. neither are quite 100% what we want so we will keep a look out. If anyone can make any recommendations I’d be grateful.

How has Gracie been I hear you ask? Well that really depends on which way the wind is blowing. She is defiantly excited for a little Sister, less so if we mention that it could be a brother. She helped me paint the nursery furniture and likes to sit in Baby Hew No2’s cot. I sense there is an element of jealousy, there is a theme of ‘what have you got for me Daddy’ whenever something new appears in the nursery. Clearly Gracie isn’t going to go without and we will have to think of something extra special for her when Baby Hew No2 arrives. I asked her if she wants to name the child, but she picked ‘Baby Beautiful Pretty’ for a girl and ‘Graham’ for a Boy. She is also a bit reluctant to share her baby things, for example we got one of her baby blankets out of the airing cupboard and she won’t leave it alone, it has become her comfort blanket and insists on having it in her bed. Its belongs to her so I don’t really have a leg to stand on, its annoying because I wanted to use it for Baby Hew No2!


18 weeks to go…thats going to fly by isn’t it! We have a week in Spain to enjoy before the arrival….well hopefully, we fly home on the last day of the 35th week of pregnancy, the latest we will be able to fly. Who knows, we could have a little Chico or Nińa.






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