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I opened the Daddy Hew Instagram account on 16 November 2017, I started the Daddy Hew blog at the end of November 2017 and I opened the Daddy Hew twitter account a few weeks ago. I’m still new to the blogging world, but so far so good, the playground has been kind to me, I don’t feel like my dinner money is going to be stolen anymore. I’m enjoying myself. I haven’t been trolled. I’ve got a reasonable amount of followers. I’ve been made to feel welcome in this crazy online world that I’ve put off for so long.

Much like TheDadColumn I had no idea what the Versatile Bloggers Award was – I’ve copied the below from his blog;

“When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.”

I was a little surprised to say the least when I saw the nomination on twitter, ok so people double tap an insta photo, retweet a comment or two but I never really thought much more about what people take away from my blog or what impact my comments or my photos may have on their day to day life. Am I getting a bit carried away? A bit deep maybe. Anyway I set this blog up for me. For Gracie. For the Hew family to reflect on in years to come. I grateful for the support I’ve been shown and appreciate all the love.

So thank youTheDadColumnfor the nomination. It’s now my turn to provide 7 interesting facts about me and nominate 15 other bloggers. I recently completed 5 interesting facts on insta so I’ll try and think of different ones or elaborate on them. As for nominating 15 bloggers….I’ll do my best.

So, 7 interesting facts about me;

1) Mummy Hew and I got married 18 months after meeting. We met in February 2011. We worked at the same company and met at a work conference. We lived 200 miles apart and had a 6 month long distance relationship. Mummy Hew used to work compressed hours so traveled to me on a Wednesday night and left Sunday evening or Monday morning. We got engaged in Eastbourne on the August bank holiday 2011. Mummy Hew relocated and moved 200 miles down south. We spent 12 months planning our wedding. We got married on 2 September 2012 and have been happily married ever since.


2) Gracie was a planned child. We always said that we would take our honeymoon on our first anniversary due to work commitments and the piggy bank running low after the wedding. When we returned from our Honeymoon Mummy Hew had a touch of ill health in the cervix department and our baby planning was delayed a few months. As soon as we stopped using contraception the seed was planted….pretty must instantly. We had planned a natural birth, hoping to use the birthing suite. Mummy Hew’s labour was extended over 3 days, contracting for up to a minute every 8/10 minutes for most of that 3 days. Unfortunately the umbilical cord was wrapped round Gracie’s neck and Mummy Hew hemoraged so Gracie Kay Hew was born 30 August 2014 via emergancy C-Section.


3) I only ever wanted one child. Whenever I saw our future or thought about kids I only ever saw one. I was quite content with Gracie and if we weren’t able to extend our family I would have been perfectly happy. Mummy Hew and I talk about whether we wanted to extend the Hew family. We considered whether one child was enough for us, whether it was fair on Gracie. We decided that we would extend. As above, the conception happened as soon as we stopped using contraception….which brings me onto my next fact


4) I going to have the snip! Considering how quickly Mummy Hew got pregnant both times round we need to have something in place more long term. We still need to think about all options available to us but at the moment my headspace is saying snip snip. I also learnt that they don’t actually cut your bollox off (FFS I just assumed it was done the same as a dog 🙈) so knowong it’s a pretty straight forward process why wouldn’t I?


5) We used to have a 3 legged rabbit, Poppy 🐇. She was the best Rabbit. She was originally Mummy Hew’s but I happily took on the role of Daddy when Mummy Hew moved in. Poppy was born with 4 legs but caught her toe in the carpet. She got a infection and had to have her toe amputated. Then the infection spread to her foot, then forearm and then shoulder. £2000 later she was infection free and hopping around with three legs. She died last year the day before we went on holiday at the grand old age of 8. She was a cool rabbit, even if she was bloody exspensive!


6) We have two pet rabbits. Olaf and Simba. They weren’t exactly a replacement for Poppy, but they took shelter in the hutch Poppy used to live in. I like Simba, less keen on Olaf. Oh and for some reason I appear to be allergic to these two….I can’t go near the fuckers without my eyes swelling up and sneezing  75 times!


7) I sleep eat. And I bloody love it! Ok so it’s not actual eating but as good as. When I am asleep I often wake Mummy Hew up sleep eating. Not real food, is all imaginary. Apparently I chew (like proper mouthwatering, lip smacking chewing) and then swallow my mouthful. When Mummy Hew first noticed it she thought I had snuck snacks into bed haha!


So there are 7 facts about me.

Its difficult to know who to nominate

Here are a few that come to mind. They have either made me feel really welcome online or I just particularly enjoy reading their blog/think they deserve a shout out. It’s a killer to think of these facts and there are various versions that go around but I think the below bunch deserve some recognition.

The Honest Father


A Mum With Social Anxiety

Mum and Dad of Mad Lads

Dad of Flo



The Yorkshire Dad

OMG it’s a girl

The Dadventurer

S**t I’m a Dad


Dad V World


6 thoughts on “Versatile Bloggers Award

  1. Oh this is a fun idea! I’ve done it once before but I always love reading people’s random facts. I’m a nosey person by nature! Loved all your facts! 🙂 I also had an emergency c-section (with both of mine) so I can sympathise with Mummy Hew. Husband is considering going for the snip soon as well.

    Bunnies! I had one when I was a child. We’re considering getting one for the girls but I’m not sure. I have allergies to most things so I’d probably end up being allergic to the bugger.

    Haha had to laugh about the sleep eating!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, it’s me again,being a little dumb and not knowing what the versatile blog award is lol (done research kinda get it but thought just ask you) Could you tell me do I now do the same on my blog seeing you mention me?


    1. Morning, yes….nows your opportunity to do the same. 7 facts about you and 15 bloggers who you think deserve The versatile Bloggers award. It’s a bit of fun, don’t worry if you can’t do 7/15 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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