To Icelolly or not to Icelolly


1B4F92EE-79F3-4D4F-9F7C-26E2F965AADAGracie has been in Nursery full time since she was 13 months old, with the exception of Friday afternoon when Mummy Hew picks her up at lunch time. We thought long and hard about what to do prior to sending Gracie to Nursery. We both work full time, we have both worked for the same Company for 11 years and both have jobs that we are proud of. When Mummy Hew’s maternity leave ended we made the decision that we would both carry on working full time.

We looked around a few nursery’s and decided on where to send Gracie. We have spent the last 28 months dropping Gracie off Between 08:00/08:30 and picking her up between 17:00/1800. We have been so lucky that Gracie has always really enjoyed Nursery and has made some great little friends. We have both loved watching her grow and develop alongside her little pals.

In the main we have been happy with the Nursery and care that has been provided to Gracie, but we have always disliked the menu choices. Don’t get me wrong we’re no Annabelle Karmel but we have been quite mindful of the food Gracie eats. Of course we give her treats and she bakes cakes at home, she is spoilt rotten by family members and friends, she certainly doesn’t miss out on sweets and treats.

At Nursery she has breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner come with a pudding….things like chocolate gatteux, artic roll, ice cream, cakes and biscuits. As I said above, we are not shy of giving Gracie treats, but we want them to remain treats.  We asked Nursery not to give Gracie the pudding option that was on the menu but instead to give her fruit or yogurt. Who the fuck gives a 1, 2 or 3 year old chocolate gatteux for pudding after their lunch! We also asked them not to give her fresh orange and apple juice with her breakfast…. we quite like her teeth the way they are!

Over the last 28 months we have talked to Gracie about our choices and explained that Mummy and Daddy want to be able to give her treats and therefore she will have fruit or yogurt for pudding at Nursery. She’s always been pretty understanding, especially as now she’s a bit older. She just takes it in her stride and gets on with it. That was until today, today Gracie had a fucking huge meltdown at lunch time because she wasn’t aloud an ice lolly……

I went on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster today. I picked Gracie up form Nursery. As I walked into the room she came running over to me shouting Daddy, gave me the biggest hug ever and told me she loved me. She jumped up into my arms and clung onto me with the biggest smile, she was so happy to see me. It literally made my day 😍. One of the Nursery staff then walked over and told me she wanted to talk to me, she said there was an incident earlier. By incident she meant that Gracie had a massive bitch fit because she couldn’t have an Icelolly after her lunch, she was the only one. She was offered a pear but insisted that she didn’t like them anymore. I was told that they had to take Gracie away from the table to clam her down. My heart sank. She has tantrums at home, she stomps her feet and shouts when she doesn’t get her own way just like any other three year old. She has never had a tantrum at Nursery.

I felt really sad for her, I felt guilty. I felt that she only had this tantrum and got so upset because I won’t allow her to have the bloody ice lolly after her lunch. I didn’t blame Gracie, I can totally understand why she lost her shit, I hate that I’ve put her in that position. I hate that the Nursery won’t make better food choices for all of the kids so they can all have something a bit healthier for pudding.

I asked Gracie what had happened at school and she didn’t want to tell me, she was scared she was going to be in trouble. I told her that I was very proud of her and that I wasn’t going to be angry with her, she said ‘I just wanted an Icelolly daddy’ How shit did I feel?

I’m not sure if I’m more pissed off that the decision I made has upset Gracie so much or that the Nursery have put me in this position. I also hate that Gracie got so upset at a place they she normally really enjoys going to….hopefully it is just a one off.

Am I being unreasonable, should I just let her have the pudding? Should the Nursery just make better pudding choices? Let me know your views, I’m not often confused about the choices I’ve made but this one has thrown me.

2 thoughts on “To Icelolly or not to Icelolly

  1. My daughter is not allowed that type of things in her nursery. She isn’t allowed to take chocolate in and isn’t allowed apple juice or anything like that. I’m surprised that they give your child that where I’m from they don’t in all nursery’s.


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