Amazon Fire Kids Edition


Like most kids, Gracie received loads of presents for Christmas. She was a very lucky girl indeed. She has a few choice favourites, her bike, her wooden train track and her bush babies particularly stood out for her. For me it was her Amazon Fire Kids Edition. We cannot get enough of it.

In the lead up to Christmas our friends and family asked what they could get Gracie. We asked her Godmother if she would put some money towards the Amazon Fire Kids Edition . Gracie was very lucky indeed and her Godmother bought it for her.

Back in October Gracie had two of her cousins to stay for the weekend and one of them had the fire and it kept the three of them entertained for hours. Mummy Hew and I talked about when we thought the appropriate time to buy Gracie a tablet would be. We initially said that she was too young, clearly we didn’t want to be the parents that just dump their child in front of a tablet and leave them to watch endless amounts of crap. We are also conscious of what is out there on the big bad web and want to protect Gracie as much as we can.

We spend so much time in the car – my parents live in Norfolk, some 100 miles from home and Mummy Hew’s family are all in Harrogate some 200 miles from home. We often trek the length of the M1 to visit family. Quite often we will give Gracie one of our phones to watch Peppa or Ben and Holly. Our view was it would be no different to this.

Our other thought process was that when she is older her life is going to be ruled be technology so why not teach her how to use technology safely now. I recently read blog on his daughters digital footprint, take a look, I found it really interesting and mirrored a number of his views on the subject.

We were drawn to the Amazon Fire Kids Edition for a number of reasons: the safety features were one of the biggest selling points. You can set up your child’s own profile which has a number of parental controls, including the type of content they can see online, the type of apps they can see, the videos they can watch and the books they can read.

When you first set up the tablet you set up the number of hours your child can use it per day including when it turns on and off, we haven’t limited this at the moment as we keep it in our room and give it to Gracie when we want to, as she gets older this feature will be great to avoid her sitting up all night on it. You can also set the amount of time your child can watch videos, as well as setting a number of books/educational games they have to complete before they can watch more videos. It really encourages your child to learn and use the tablet rather than just sitting in front of a video.

We also really like the fact that it comes with a protective case as standard, as well as a two year no quibble guarantee, if it’s broken, dropped, screen smashed, pretty much anything, Amazon will replace it free of charge.

When Gracie was first born we instated that she wouldn’t sit in front of the tele, nor would we sit her in front of our phones when we were eating out or when we were out shopping. There is part of me that still dislikes the fact Gracie sits in a restaurant and plays on her tablet, but we do restrict this and she is only aloud it after she has eaten her dinner. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is more that just a video player and I truly believe it encourages Gracie to play educational games and gives her a little bit of independence (because clearly all three years olds need independence)

I would highly recommend this for Kids – it also has an older child mode so will grow with them.

It is currently £99.99 on Amazon, but is often on sale, it was bought for Gracie in the Black Friday sale for £79.99…….a small price to pay if you ask me.




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