She’s a poet and didn’t know it.


Bathtime was fun today. Normally Gracie will happily play with her bath toys but as soon as is comes to washing her hair she hates it, or more to the point – me. She used to be fine with the jug being poured over her head but as she has got a bit older she is more reluctant to let me wash her hair. I’ve tried all sorts, using the shower head, the jug, a toy watering can, nothing seems to help. She went though a period of enjoying ‘delaxing’ where she would lay back and tilt her head in to water. Whilst she said it was ‘delaxing’ she looked as though she was laying on a mattress of glass. I tried to explain to her what relaxing was but she was happy ‘delaxing’

This evening she helped me fill the bath with bubbles, we had a race to get undressed (i was still in my suit from work and needed to get changed) Gracie won, she chose the toys she wanted in the bath and she climbed in all on her own. We had a splish and a splash and Gracie particularly enjoyed flicking water at me…..’but its OK Daddy because it didn’t get your eyes’


Earlier, when I picked Gracie up from Nursery she came home with a leaflet to enter into a poetry competition. It is a pre written poem with a few missing words which Gracie has to input. Its a bit shit really and I can pretty much guess what she is going to input:

My name is BLANK (Gracie) and id like to say, thank you BLANK (Mummy) you make my day. I miss you when I go to preschool but I play with BLANK (Ada/Evie) who is really cool…..I’ll let you know what she actually puts!

It got me thinking, Gracie is much better at poetry than this. She was in a pretty good mood in the bath so I passed her the bath book and asked her to read a poem to Daddy, I videoed her and have written her poem below….

“Once upon a time it was chilly outside and he ran back inside and Mumma found a big dinosaur and it wasn’t really friendly either. Aaaaand, oh what does that bit say, what, does , that, bit, say. Is says A, B, C see you next year. Theres more pages. Well I will see if I can read it next year. It says next year because it next far. Right I need to start again.

Once upon a time there was a little little baby shark and it was called Maflampsy and Daddy Flampsy was really tired out all day. He was not going to bed and not listening. And he was soooo insited to go outside to play in the garden and wee on the floor and poo in the toilet. And then he was really…..oh, what does that say, see you next year but we will not see you next year but we will see you a bit. 

We just need to read the other pages a bit. Soooo, we really want to see you next year. So, no young, it doesn’t say that, you really do have to because I am excited. You won’t get exited because you are crying. Mumma won’t be happy, she wont be happy either, I wanted to play outside but she was too cold and she stayed inside and found a dragon monster. So once upon a time there was a crab, and a little sea purple, it was a bit crab called mummy Sebastian he was really sleepy and Daddy was naughty and shouty he wasn’t sure what to do today and he breathed under the water and the mummy one did too…..No photo please Daddy” 

And that was me busted and the end of the poem. I enjoyed bath time today. I enjoyed writing this blog…..although to be fair two thirds of it Gracie wrote. Cute isn’t she.

3 thoughts on “She’s a poet and didn’t know it.

  1. I haven’t had bath time properly with Isabelle for a while. She went through a stage of really hating it, and would only bath with my wife in the bath with her. I have her on my own from Monday (wife finishes maternity) so I’ll see how bathing her goes then. I used to love it. I dare say bath time is something that constantly changes. Won’t be long before she’s reading me poems in the tub!


    1. Gracie goes through different stages of liking/disliking it. Fingers crossed you move into a liking stage soon!! And let me know the poems she reads you, I love hearing what’s going through their tiny minds!


      1. She won’t be reading one any time soon as she’s only 8 months old. She can make some stupidly loud noises, but not sure when she’ll say something yet 😂🤔


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