First trimester


Baby Hew No2 is growing nicely. We’re now entering into the second trimester. We’ve had two scans and our due date is 27 June 2018. It all felt so surreal until we shared the news that Gracie is going to have a brother or sister with our friends. I can’t stop smiling when telling people.

Let me take you back to the beginning of 2017. Mummy Hew and I started talking more seriously about whether we were going to expand our family. We always said that we would let Gracie have a few years as an only child before considering whether she needed a play mate. It’s no secret that I was content with having an only child. I always saw myself with one child rather than with two or three. I don’t want Gracie to ever feel that she isn’t the favourite, what if I like the second one more than Gracie. What if I don’t like it at all. These were the types of things going through my head and to some point still do. I mean this second child has got to be pretty special to top Gracie. We discussed the pros and cons of having a second child vs an only child and we decided we would expand.

We decided that we would start trying for Baby Hew No 2 in September. Mummy Hew stoped taking her pill mid September and the baby making started……we all know how they get here right? A few weeks passed and it’s fair to say Mummy Hew was getting a bit frustrated. How was I to know you have to have a withdrawal bleed before you start ovulating. We talked about this withdrawal bleed and that if it hadn’t happen by Christmas we would see the Dr, but in the meantime would just see what happened. We read loads about problems other couples had conceiving a second child and all sorts of things started going through our minds.

Mummy Hew started to notice changes. Changes that she only noticed when she was pregnant with Gracie. A pregnancy test was taken and BAM it’s positive. How many weeks pregnant is Mummy Hew, no fucking clue, no a scooby do. We learn that you can’t calculate when the baby is conceived if you don’t no when the withdrawal bleed is. So we book an appointment with the midwife and see what they have to say.

The appointment felt totally different to when we saw the midwife with Gracie. We talked though the pregnancy, whether it was planned, whether I am an abusive husband…..which I noted was really stupid to ask when I’m sat right there. Obvs if Mummy Hew tells anyone I knock her about she will get a good hiding when she’s home……I’m clearly joking, she wears the trousers in our house! Due to Mummy Hew having to have an emergency C-section and having treatment on her cervix previously we were told we will be under consultant care rather than midwife care from the outset. Nothing for us to worry about but just in case we will have a consultant onboard. Also we have to go to a VBAC class this time round (vaginal birth after cesarian) which is all a bit inconvenient, if anyone reading this has been to one let me know if it’s worthwhile.

During the midwife appointment the midwife talked us through how fertile she thought we were as I only looked at mummy Hew and she was pregnant. I just thought I had super sperm but what do I know! She talked to us about what contraception we will use when the child is born, you can no longer take the mini pill when breast feeding. So basically I’ve got to bag it up or risk Baby Hew No 3 😳 the conversation quickly moved to me having the snip……don’t get me wrong I’m not adverse but we want to talk about Baby Hew No 2 and the great journey we are on not snipping my bollocks.

Baby Hew No 2 is now he size of a lime. It’s earlobes are starting to form and it can make a fist with its tiny little fingers. It also has learnt to suckle this week…clever little sod. It’s feet look really long! So far it was been treating Mummy Hew well. She has had a little bit of morning sickness, mainly the feeling of being sick rather than actually being sick. She doesn’t have any cravings and is doing pretty well. As with Gracie, I have eaten every thing in sight and am working on that three stone weight gain mention in my previous blog…..I need to put the fucking fork down and stop eating, ill worry about this after Christmas.

We are going to start setting up the Nursery up in the new year. We didn’t know what sex Gracie was going to be so most of what we bought was neutral. We need to have a sort through a load of boxes in the loft to see what we saved. We have picked up a few new bits but have resisted….I’ve insisted we wait until the new year before buying loads of new stuff.

First trimester was pretty smooth going……and no sausage roll farts! We are almost ready for Christmas, I’m feeling slightly gutted for Mummy Hew as she can’t eat copious amounts of pate and drink copious amount of Gin, I’ll have to have her share.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and Haply New Year. I’ll update you on the Christmas weight gain in January!


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