So, I’m going to be a Dad….again.


Yup you got it Gracie is going to be a big sister! I can now share with you all the real reason for opening my new Insta account and starting this blog. We’re having a another baby, due end of June 2018!

I’ve started this blog so you can follow our continued journey through parenthood and help welcome Baby Hew No 2 to the world!

There will always be something special about Gracie being our first born. We had, as most parents do, all of our ‘firsts’ with Gracie, from our first antenatal class to our first delivery, from her first feed to her first puke, her first nappy change (that meconium poo 🤢) to her first sit on the toilet, her first words, first bump of the head, first steps, all those things that make us incredibly proud of her, make us smile, angry, happy, sad. We have been on an incredible journey so far and we’re only just getting stared.

I know Baby Hew No 2 will have all of the firsts too, but as parents we will have seen them before. I know they will be just as special but I decided to start this blog as the first ‘first’ for Baby Hew No 2. This is the first thing that Baby No 2 has that Gracie didn’t, a blog documenting its journey.

Like with Gracie we won’t be finding out the sex of the baby. If I was totally honest I think I’d prefer another Girl. Its what we know and Gracie has LOADS of things to hand down. On the other hand I’d like a boy so the family name continues and we can do boy stuff (mainly irritating Mummy and Gracie). It would be nice to have one of each. So as much as I say I’d prefer a girl I actually don’t really care either way. Such a cliche but as long as it’s healthy, I’m happy.

Pregnancy so far has been good to us. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet, it all still feels a bit weird. Mummy’s had a little bit of morning sickness, bit more tired than usual but is doing really well. She hasn’t had any mood swings or cravings (I have to say that because she will read this) but we definitely ate a whole tub of chocolates this evening and her moods have been, let’s say, a little erratic. To be fair, I’ve been a grumpy git at times too….I blame the hormones.

If there is one thing I learnt from Gracie’s pregnancy it’s never eat a sausage roll and fart in the car. I learnt the hard way. I was picking the Missus up from the train station, eating a sausage roll, I let one rip. She got in the car wearing her brand new maternity coat and threw up all over herself and the car. Since that day I vowed never to eat a sausage roll and fart at the same time again!

I’ll write more later about Gracie’s reactions and the first 12 weeks. But for now, here’s to the new chapter in our lives, The journey of Gracie and Baby Hew No 2! 👶🏼 🍼 🧡

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