We spend all winter waiting for it to snow yet when it does we do nothing but moan. Gracie loves the snow….even if she moans it’s too cold after being in it for 5 minutes.

Snow literally pissed all over our plans this weekend. We were due to be driving to Ruddington via Loughborough for a Christening, some 120 miles from home. All over the news last night (I say news, I mean Facebook) it was warning of bad snow but it’s never that bad so we didn’t pay too much attention. We woke up this morning to a good 7 inches…….of snow and it was still coming down pretty heavy. We got up, I had a shower and got ready. Put my shirt on, suit, new tie….we were good to go.

Gracie stayed at a friends last night (it seems like she is always away lately but honestly it’s quite rare). She went to see the Pantomime at Milton Keynes yesterday, it was Cinderella. She loved it. Was clapping and singing along, so we were told. Our friends bought her one of the butterfly glow stick things, you know the ones, this one it pretty cool and it doesn’t have music!!! The music on them things goes right through me. The music ones often break in our house, no idea how though 😜

Our friends live a mile down the road. I cleared the snow off he car and we packed our bits, including the christening cake. The wife had the pleasure of making the Christening cake….no pressure travelling! I managed to get off the side street we live on. Could I get down the main road? No. Not a bloody chance. 30 minutes it took to get to he bottom of the road. Cars everywhere, literally everywhere, driving like fools. Young lady in a brand new Lexus in front of me….making a right pigs ear of getting up a slight incline. I do the most gentlemanly thing possible and tap on her window to give her a few words of advise……’call your husband’……I actually didn’t say this and the wife will probably give me a little slap for saying such things haha I did give her a few words of wisdom and she was her way. I then got stuck…..exactly where she did, same words of wisdom didn’t help me. I manage to move a few more yards down the road and decide to call it quits. Abandon ship (I drive a ford mondeo estate which is more boat than ship but you get the point) and we walk the rest of the way to get Gracie.

We walk through woods and follow the little foot path, it was pretty breathtaking to be fair. Bloody cold too. We picked Gracie up and stared making our way home. I remember as a child walking in the snow and having that magical feeling inside. I didn’t get that today….it all just felt a bit inconvenient. I watched Gracie walking in the snow, it overflowing her wellies, jumping and dancing in the snow. It was pretty special to watch. I think this is the first time she has really seen proper snow.

We made our way back through the woods. Gracie innocently playing, loving life, she turns to me and says ‘Daddy is it Christmas Eve today?’ I reply ‘No Dolly (she might be called Gracie but is mainly know as Dolly in our house) why do you say that’ she reply’s ‘because Arva (father) Christmas has left all his snow here’ heart melts, no words, I just smile at her.

We carry on skipping through the woods. All a bit postcard like. Gracie singing Jingle Bells at the top of her voice. Not a care in the world. We meet our neighbours in the street and make a snow man with their little boy. Stones for eyes, carrot for a nose, Gracie calls him Henry, couldn’t ask for much more really. Gracie’s preference was to eat the snow ‘I’m helping clear the road Daddy’. Being the good Dad I am I let her continue, highlighting the risks of eating yellow snow….we also saw some blue snow (I think someone spilt some de-icer), I also warned her of the risks of solvents and blue snow too. These are the snow days I remember….minus the blue solvent snow.

It’s all going so well. Until Gracie decides her toes are too cold and she wants to go home and watch Ben and Holy – specifically the episode with Gaston’s dirty cave, that won’t be hard to find will it!!! FYI, it’s season 1 episode 2 (I think), anyway we found it. I took a walk to Mini Tesco, wife ordered a roast chicken. Not a chicken in sight, nothing, shelves empty. The shop is crammed with people loading up supplies. The shelves were empty. Honestly, people go mad…’s a big of snow!!

I cannot fail my chicken mission, wife gets what wife wants (except another Mulberry handbag…two is enough, Mrs H if your reading this, your not getting one for Christmas – regardless of the hints you drop). I need chicken, I’m like a man possessed! I walk out of Mini Tesco and there it is, right in front of my eyes, the fish and chip shop. This isn’t just any fish and chip shop, they have a chicken rotisserie!! Chicken dinner on its way home!

We spend the afternoon watching Disney, playing dolls, playing with the bus, playing play-doh……queue 3 year old tantrum! Proper screaming tantrum. All because Daddy touched the pink play-doh, Daddy can only have green! Gracie decides she’s had enough of play-doh and wants to change Margaret’s nappy.

We sat as a family for dinner. We never get to do this in the week because we both work full time and Nursery feed Gracie. I think it’s important for Gracie to learn the value of table manners, as well as learning that when she puts the vegetables she doesn’t want under the table she has to clean them up! She also decided that she was going to wear her swimming costume over her clothes for dinner, I have no idea where this phase has come from but it cracks me up when she comes running through the house in her swimming costume.

All in all, we had a pretty relaxed Sunday. Other than missing the Christening, failing to deliver the cake and dumping the car, it went quite well. Gracie’s currently watching ‘if your happy and you know it’ on the iPod for the 100th time, Mummy is writing Christmas cards (hopefully I don’t have to deliver any of these) and I’m thawing out from collecting the car… it back in one piece!! 100 Dad points to me!

We’re meant to be going to see Ellie Goulding tomorrow night at the Royal Albert hall, hopefully she doesn’t have to dump her car and makes it on time!

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