Travelling Daddy


I was asked if I wanted to work in Malta for a few days. My wife, who works for the same Company as me had the opportunity a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I thought why not, bit of winter sun will be good. Prior to leaving I explained to Gracie that I would be away for a few days but she was not the slightest bit interested, all she wanted was a treat from the airport – how can I say no.

Monday morning 04:00. Taxi calls and it’s parked outside. I drag myself down the stairs and outside. It’s bloody freezing. Still full of cold I climb into the back of the taxi and make small talk with the driver. You know how the conversation went ‘what time you working until’ ‘weathers cold isn’t it’ ‘not much traffic this time of the day is there’

I arrive at the airport. Check my bags in and make my way through security. I put my hand luggage in the tray with my belt, wallet, watch etc and make my way though the body scanner. It bloody beeps. Why me, it’s always me. I step to one side to be searched. Up and down my arms, legs, ankles, round my waist, inside the waist of my jeans……twice, groin, chest, collar. Boy was he thorough. He told me I had an unidentifiable object on my body. I had a snotty tissue in the cuff of my jumper. A tissue! I know they have to be thorough but Jesus Christ when did a tissue become a suspect object.

My flight was horrid! Man flu and flying is not fun. I thought my face was going to fall off. The cabin pressure on my sinuses and ears was indescribable. I couldn’t sleep. I just sat there waiting for the plane to land. I watched the first two episodes of Sneaky Pete…bit weird, didn’t pay 100% attention to it and will probably watch it again.

When I landed it was raining, only a small drizzle but still raining! I checked into the hotel and had the afternoon to myself. Hotel was pretty nice, couldn’t really fault it. I had a mooch around the bay, had a little stroll on the the beach, grabbed a Costa. It was nice.

I headed back the hotel and explored the gym. I had a little run and that’s pretty much it. I had great intentions of doing a proper work out but that failed. Who am I trying to kid. It’s nearly Christmas, I’m not doing any exercise this end of the year! I sat in the jacuzzi, had a little swim (2 lengths to be precise) and made my way to the Sauna.

I love a sauna and steam room! I also thought it would be good to clear my sinuses. As I make my way to the sauna I peer through the window in the door, can’t see a thing! I open the door and the heat hits me, the beautiful heat! I take a few deep breaths and make my way to the bench. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust and then BAM there she was! A middle aged, frumpy, naked woman. Not a care in the world, starkers laying across the bench in the sauna. You know that really awkward moment where you don’t know where to look, yet you always look exactly where you shouldn’t. Maybe I’m getting to be a bit prude but wouldn’t you cover up in a sauna, sun-bed I can understand but a sauna. And there was no sign telling anyone to expect naked people the other side of the door.

I perched on the L shaped bench, away from Ms Noodie, I closed my eyes and started to relax. I then realised my shorts were still wet from the pool. A sudden pain shot across my arse cheek, the water in my shorts was practically boiling my bum! This is why people are naked in the sauna right? That will bloody teach me!

I got my self showered and ready for dinner. I FaceTimed Gracie but the signal was pretty bad. She was OK with me being away. She was most disappointed that I have opened my advent calendar….. for both days I was away. She proceeded to tell me I was a naughty Daddy!

Dinner for one is always exciting isn’t it….said no one ever! I went to a cool looking place. Hugo’s I think it was called. They had a terrace area and patio heaters. I could see myself here with the Mrs and a few drinks. I asked for a table for one and was seated. It’s pretty boring eating out alone. There is only so many times you can refresh your insta and Facebook pages. Maybe next time I’m travelling away I’ll do a live video and people can join me!

As I sit eating my dinner I mull things over in my mind. I’m quite lucky really. Not everyone has a wife to go home to every day or a small child screaming ‘more bing daddy’. I couldn’t really ask for much more in life….expect a bit of company for dinner!

During my second day in Malta I was working all day. Once I had finished and header back to the hotel I booked a cab and headed to Valletta, Malta’s capital city. It was pretty epic, it reminded me a little bit of York. The walled city houses loads of shops, bars and restaurants. I always thought I enjoyed my own company but to be honest I was pretty bored. I walked around for an hour or so. But without anyone to say ‘oh look at that’ ‘no we don’t need that’ ‘put that back’ it’s boring.

I have another dinner for one and make my way back to the hotel to pack my things ready to fly home. I’m looking forward to seeing the Mrs and Gracie. I’m not overly excited about catching up on the work I couldn’t do for the last three days. I’m looking forward to my own bed, there nothing like your own bed!

I forgot to check in before I got to the airport…€50 to check in at the check in desk. Bloody daylight robbery!

I board the plane and find my seat. I’ve been allocated extra leg room free of charge, result!!! That £50 was a little bit worth while. I look to my right and see the emergency door. Don’t get me wrong, I’m great full for the extra leg room, but why do I have to be responsible for the emergency door. I’ve always wanted to go down one of the huge inflatable slides but I think I’d feel more comfortable watching someone else go first though!

Malta was alright but would have been much better with company. Maybe we will come back here in the summer. I imagine there is so much more to see and do. My little three day solo jaunt wasn’t enough.

Fingers crossed my flight home is better than my flight here!



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