Daddy Day Care


It’s 04:11, the baby alarm screen flashes on and lights the whole room, ‘Mummy’ ‘Muummy’ ‘Muuuuummy’. Definitely didn’t shout Daddy so no need for me to get out of bed! Mummy gets out of bed and goes to see to Gracie. Screaming at the top of her voice whilst pulling her ear, she tells us she’s not sleepy anymore. Eventually she settles and Mummy comes back to bed.

I look at my phone, it’s 04:30, still a few hours until the alarm goes off. ‘Daddy’ Daaady’ Daaaaaaady’. 0500! FFS. I mutter something under my breath about it being too bloody cold in this house and how it’s ‘sleep time’ not ‘up time’. I go through to see Gracie, she’s not having any of it. She’s determined to pull her ear off. I stroke her head, she drifts back off to sleep. I watch her for a bit, thinking how she will always be my baby, how sweet she is, how innocent and how beautiful she is. I slowly move my hand away from her forehead….she wakes, screams and tells me she doesn’t want me there anymore….suits me, I wanted to stay in bed anyway!

05:15, still crying. I start to feel a bit guilty that I left her. I mutter to Mummy ‘shall we put her in with us and put Peppa on’. This doesn’t work either. Still kicking, crying, calling out. It’s at this point I have a realisation that she might be unwell….rather than testing my patience.

My Mum was the Mum who send me to school no matter what. ‘If you’re sick enough they will send you home’ I vowed never to do this to my child. Yet I lay here thinking, you can’t be THAT unwell…go back to sleep.

We lay in bed until about 06:30, Gracie still unhappy. Gracie decides that she wants to get dressed. We agree I’ll take the day off and Mummy will take tomorrow, if needed.

We take Mummy to work and book an appointment at the Dr, 0910. Perfect. We’ve only got an hour to kill. We stroll round Asda grab a few bits and head over to the Dr (it’s right next door).

I check Gracie in. Take our seat and wait to be seen. I sat back and thought, she’s being rather calm all of a sudden. I asked Gracie if her ear was still hurting…. ‘No Daddy. The Doctor made it better’ WTF!!! How can she go from a screaming banshee to normal in 2 seconds flat, purely by walking in the waiting room?? We walked into the surgery. The Nurse we saw must have been due to retire pretty soon, she hated life, she was pissed off, she wasn’t interested in my 4am start, she wasn’t interested in shouty Gracie or how she wanted to rip her ear of….’sometime children are under the weather aren’t they?’ Yes they are, which is why I’m sat here!

We spent a full 3 minutes in the surgery. She listens to Gracie’s chest and looked in her ears. Yup, ear infection. But no anti-biotics. ‘We don’t give them for ear infections anymore’ OK great…. why can’t the receptionist tell us not to bother coming in if we can’t have any medicine??

Anyway. We went home. We played with Gracie’s toys. We played with Margret and Betty, her favourite dolls. We took them to Gracie’s fictional park and shop. Bettie was getting tired so had a nap under the tea towel.

We played with Gracie’s bus, 12 seats. 13 people. I like to include the extra person. We put all of the people in and took them all out. Over and over and over again. Gracie still thinks that if she puts them in different seats they will all fit, yet there’s always one left over.

We had lunch. Ham and cheese rolls, I like my cheese on the side though. Gracie helped butter the rolls. I posted on my story of her helping, she didn’t quite grasp the concept of the volume of butter needed, she’s still learning. We ate out lunch on the sofa. I quite enjoyed it actually. The simple things ey.

I needed to get some work done and Gracie wanted to help me. She drew me a picture of a rainbow whilst I was sending a few emails.

We made some shortbread. Double chocolate chip!! I have no idea where this urge came from, Mummy is the baker in our house. Anyway we had fun, we ate loads of dough, made loads of mess and made loads of shortbread.

It’s days like today that make me realise just how special Gracie is. And how soppy I have become. She’s going through a stage of not wanting Daddy to help with anything, which at times works in my favour. She told me the other day I’m not her best friend anymore, that tugged at those old Heath strings. But today was special, I loved it, Gracie told Mummy before going to bed her favourite part of today was baking shortbread with Daddy. I wish she had ear infections more regularly, other than the early start, it was a pretty epic day!

I’m working in Malta next week, I’m going to miss those curly locks.




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