Christmas Traditions


It’s that time of year where we all do things we have done time and time again at Christmas because it’s tradition. We have a number of traditions in our house and have created new traditions since having Gracie. I vowed not to leave home on Christmas Day since having Gracie, the door is open to anyone (give me advance warning and I’ll plate a dinner up for you too) but we won’t leave the house. Its really important to us to spend time as a family at home.

We have created a Christmas Eve box for Gracie. Filled with new PJs, reindeer food, Christmasy treats and a Christmas DVD. She has a Christmas Eve plate to leave a mince pie for Father Christmas, we sprinkle food in the garden for rudolf, we always go away for the weekend before Christmas and the list can go on.

The most important part of getting ready for Christmas is letting Gracie put the angel on the top of the Christmas Tree. Our Tree will go up next weekend….earlier than most because it is tradition to have it up before my wife’s birthday on 2nd December! I’ll post some pics of us putting it up and have a go at a time lapse video.

Christmas is one of, if not, the most important time of the year. We spend time with friends and family that we don’t always get to see. We make a conscious effort to be nice to people…..which can be reeeeealy bloody hard. We also spend loads of money on shit…..loads and loads of shit. Food, smellies, socks, mugs, you name it, I don’t want it!

We live in a generation where we can’t just have one present to open we have to have 400…..don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge coz I love Christmas! I just hate receiving and spending money on pointless crap just because it comes in Christmas packaging……but I’m guilty of it, just yesterday I bought the Mrs a Yankee candle because it was a Christmas smelling one – WTF does Christmas smell like, sprouts, stuffing farts, cold turkey, all in a jar! Nice!

As I said, I actually love Christmas, I’m a massive kid. I love watching Gracie grow and learn about the nativity play and watch her behaviour instantly change when she thinks Father Christmas is watching her! We have a fairy door for Gracie where we leave our front door key, the tooth fairy will take it to Father Christmas so he can let him self in. I can’t wait for her reactions to things this year.

If I’m honest I’m probably just a bit pissed off….I went up to the loft earlier to get the tree and copious boxes and bags of Christmas decorations out, to notice one of the boxes had a wet patch. Annoying but stuff can be replaced right….wrong! Of all of the traditions we have, the decorations we have collected, the one bloody thing that got ruined was an impression of Gracie’s hand and foot that we made when she was new born. I’m gutted, hopefully we can dry them out and they will be OK.

Just a small realisation that no matter how much stuff you buy at Christmas, the most important things are those that can’t be replaced. Fingers crossed they dry out.

Also…..Is it even Christmas if there’s not a Lynx Africa gift set under the tree?


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